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Registration is now open for The Future of Quantum Businesses. Hello tomorrow Switzerland’s one-day event examining the technology, ethics, and impact of quantum businesses across all industries.

– Meet the pioneers in this emerging field

– Learn about the technology to gain business advantage and become quantum-ready

– Separate fact from hype, and what’s imminent from what’s far-off

200+ entrepreneurs and global innovators

50+ startups

60+ CEOs

Meet the startups and companies making quantum business

Media meetings, investors meetings, 1-on-1 meetings

The first event fully dedicated to business and innovation centered around quantum technologies, for startups, corporates, investors and innovators.

Meet with Hello Tomorrow’s world-renowned community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and tech-enthusiasts – and discover how quantum businesses will drive the new global economy.


We are witnessing the birth of a technological revolution that will reshape our society.

Attend to understand how quantum computing is capable of accelerating the growth and development of almost any economic field where it may have an impact.

Come and learn how Volkswagen together with D-Wave systems address the problem of optimizing traffic flows in Beijing; or how startups use quantum-inspired algorithms to better compress satellite images.

Come and learn how to do fast quantum mining of cryptocurrencies, or how all cryptographic algorithms such as RSA, DSA and EEC are put in jeopardy; how cryptography and security are being disrupted; what is being used for Finance, Training of neural networks, Optimization problems such as traffic and scheduling, etc. 

Discover what are the new and powerful quantum tools to deal with problems related to the understanding of molecules, and the design of new drugs, fertilizers, gases to capture atmospheric carbon, etc.

Attend several sessions dedicated to examining the rapid progress recently realized in the areas of quantum computing, quantum communications, quantum cryptography, quantum machine learning, quantum sensing for industry, and more.


[9:00 AM] Opening Keynote

Gemma Milne, Co-founder and Co-host of Science: Disrupt

What is Hello Tomorrow?

Sarah Pedroza, Co-Managing Director of Hello Tomorrow

State of research in France and Switzerland

Renaud LallementConseiller adjoint de coopération et d’action culturelle at Ambassade de France en Suisse.

[9:30 AM] Introduction to the concepts behind Quantum
Introduction to the concepts behind Quantum & The History of Games for Quantum Computers

James WoottonResearch Staff Member at IBM Research, Wrangler of qubits. Founder and maker of quantum games

[10:15 AM] Quantum security
The threat of quantum computing on cybersecurity and Quantum-safe security [Panel]

Bilel Jamoussi, Chief Study Groups Department, TSB, ITU, International Telecommunication Union

Loïc MocellinCountry Manager – Switzerland, Oodrive

Vadim Lyubashevsky, Post-quantum Cryptography Researcher, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory

Gemma Milne [Moderator], Co-founder and Co-Host of Science: Disrupt

[10:45 AM] Investing in Quantum businesses
Seth Bannon (TBC)Founding Partner at Fifty Years

Christophe Jurczak. Capital investor for the Quantum Future, CEO at Quantonation

[11:15 AM] Q Startup pitches I
Quantum inspired software

Eugenia Balysheva. CEO at Dotphoton

Quantum sensing

Mathieu Munsch. CEO at Qnami

Quantum materials and hardware

Pascal Gallo. CEO at LakeDiamond

Quantum hardware

Valérian Giesz. Cofondateur CEO at Quandela

Celebrating innovation, entrepreneurship and startups

Raphael Grieco. President @ La French Tech Suisse

[12:05 PM] Lunch-break and Networking
[1:15 PM] Quantum networks and commercializing quantum technologies
Grégoire Ribordy, CEO & Vice Chairman of the Board at ID Quantique
[1:45 PM] Maps, trends and perspectives of quantum computing
Philipp Gerbert, Senior Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group.

Frank Ruess, Project Leader at The Boston Consulting Group

[2:15 PM] Near-term applications
Quantum Computing at NASA’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Davide Venturelli, Quantum Computing Lead USRA Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science
Research Scientist Quantum AI Laboratory @ NASA Ames Research Center

Quantum computing for Chemistry & Pharmaceuticals and optimization

Ivano Tavernelli, Researcher at IBM Research, Quantum for chemistry and optimization

Quantum Computing for high energy physics at CERN

Federico Carminati, Chief Innovation Officer CERN openlab

[3:45 PM] Networking
[4:15 PM] Hardware for the quantum revolution
Michael Geiselmann, Co-founder, managing director at Ligentec SA


David Gunnarsson, Principal Scientist at BlueFors Cryogenics Oy

Maud Vinet, Advanced CMOS manager at CEA-Leti. Member of the board of Quantum Engineering Grenoble

Gemma Milne (Moderator), Co-founder and Co-Host of Science: Disrupt

[4:45 PM] Q Startup pitches II

Henning Dekant. Cofounder at Artiste QB Net Inc.

Ludovic Perret. Cofounder at CryptoNext

Mozhgan Pourmoradnasseri. Chairperson of the management board at Ketita Labs

Antonio Gambardella. Director at Fongit

[5:30 PM] The Future is Quantum
Education and collaborations for the future of quantum businesses

Anna Obikane. IBM Research, IBM Q Experience – Education, Yorktown Heights, NY

Ethics, impact and Quantum SciFi

Jyoti Guptara. Storyteller, bestselling author

[6:00 PM] Closing ceremony


Quantum startups and companies expo
1-on-1 meetings
Investor meetings
[2:30 PM] Industry workshops (Banking, Pharma, Materials, automotive)
[3:45 PM] Hands-on workshop


Grégoire Ribordy

CEO & Vice Chairman of the Board at ID Quantique

Anna Obikane

IBM Research, IBM Q Experience – Education, Yorktown Heights, NY

Philipp Gerbert

Senior Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group

Christophe Jurczak

Capital investor for the Quantum Future
CEO at Quantonation

Gemma Milne

Co-founder and Co-Host of Science: Disrupt

Raphael Grieco

President @ La French Tech Suisse

James Wootton

Research Staff Member at IBM Research, Wrangler of qubits
Founder and maker of quantum games

Mathieu Munsch

CEO at Qnami

Renaud Lallement

Conseiller adjoint de coopération et d’action culturelle

Ambassade de France en Suisse

Sarah Pedroza

Co-Managing Director at Hello Tomorrow

Bilel Jamoussi

Chief Study Groups Department, TSB, ITU

International Telecommunication Union

Vadim Lyubashevsky

Post-quantum Cryptography Researcher

IBM Zurich Research Laboratory

Jyoti Guptara

Storyteller, bestselling author

Christian Seidel (TBC)

Lead Quantum Computer Scientist at Volkswagen AG

Pascal Gallo

CEO at LakeDiamond

Valérian Giesz

Cofondateur CEO at Quandela

Loïc Mocellin

Country Manager – Switzerland


Seth Bannon (TBC)

Founding Partner at Fifty Years

Social entrepreneur. Impact investor. Founder of Amicus and

Eugenia Balysheva

CEO at Dotphoton

Michael Geiselmann

co-founder, managing director Ligentec SA.

Maud Vinet
Advanced CMOS manager @ CEA-Leti
Member of the board of Quantum Engineering Grenoble
Federico Carminati
Chief Innovation Officer
CERN openlab
Frank Ruess
Project Leader – The Boston Consulting Group
David Gunnarsson
Principal Scientist
BlueFors Cryogenics Oy
Davide Venturelli
Quantum Computing Lead USRA Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science
Research Scientist Quantum AI Laboratory @ NASA Ames Research Center
Ivano Tavernelli
Researcher at IBM Research
Quantum for chemistry and optimization











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Campus Biotech will host Hello Tomorrow Switzerland’s international debut event, the “The Future of Quantum Businesses” on the 27th of November, 2018. Campus Biotech, was conceived as not only a hub for science and research, but also a place for people to meet and a place to be enjoyed.

The building is located in the old Industrial District of Sécheron near Lake Geneva. When Serono took the site over, its mission was to transform it into something advanced and contemporary – preserving the area’s identity and history, but combining it with the cutting edge.

Attendees of our debut event will be pleased with the arrangement of larger open and covered spaces including than the visually stunning central forum.

EPFL Campus Biotech